For those of you who may be doubting that Daniel and I are ACTUALLY working, here is a little proof.  And, no, we didn’t just pose for these pics!

Probably checking some ESPN stats?


And, to make it look REALLY official...check out the belt phone!


Now for some REAL work (stop taking my picture Daniel!)


Seriously, this could be harder than working in the office...BON APPETITE!



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  1. Awe Julie! I am so glad you all made it! It’s just the start…you will have many great adventures. We miss you so much already! Call us if you need anything…remember, I get up way early, so feel free to call! Can’t wait to get you on skype! That should be fun! Keep blogging it is wonderful!

  2. JULIE, I MISS YOU!! But, I’m so glad you’re going to keep us close to you via blogging. You know some of my best friends are bloggers — Pioneer Woman, Kelly, and a host of others. Glad you made it safely. Have a happy Thanksgiving with that $100 turkey. Take a picture of it. Love you!

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