Home sweet home…


So, we are in our new home away from home and I really do think it is perfect…very Parisian.  However, there are a few idiosyncracies that I would like to share with you all.  I have to be honest, it is a little rough going from a house, with a yard, with lots of personal space–to a 700-square-foot apartment with 1 bathroom (no door), no yard, and lots of QT time for me and Daniel.  Here is our home sweet home…

How old is this TV? But, good news, it doesn't matter because everything is in FRENCH! Goodbye Grey's Anatomy, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Private Practice, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Cougar Town...the list goes on....


Central heat and air is a thing of the past. I haven’t quite figured out how to use these yet, but once I do, it will be roasty toasty!

Here it the tub/shower. No door, no curtain. Combine that with a cold apartment and it makes for an interesting morning!

Yup, that is the toilet.

Closet space is at a premium, so I finally get to display all of my cute shoes!

For those of you who are coming to visit, I just want to go ahead and be upfront with everything, so study these photos, nothing will change by the time you get here.  We will be VERY close!

Bon Appetite!

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  1. Cool! Take some of the outside of your building and the street too! I wanna see!
    As far as the TV shows…did you DVR all those before you left the states? When you come back…you will just have to catch up! Won’t take long.

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