Fusion Cuisine…


So you might as well get used to the fact that I am going to post a lot entries on FOOD.  It is what I love and it is just so darned weird over here.  So, here is the fusion cuisine that we had last week.  As you can see, we made it to the grocery store.  That was an experience in itself!  Here is what we came home with!  Bon Appetit!

Course #1: Camembert Cheese...Delish!

Course #2 and #3 and #4....

And the main attraction Ladies and Gentlemen....SKIPPY!

A little piece of home...

All-in-all...yummy to my tummy!


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  1. Glad to know you found all your favorites in Paris…WINE, CHEESE, WINE, WINE, CHEESE, MORE WINE, and peanut butter!!!! You will survive after all! Still no signs of ketchup, I see.

    MISS YOU BOTH SO MUCH!! So glad you are becoming a blogger so I can stalk your lives halfway across the globe! Love you both!

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