It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

I think we have had 2 sunshiny days here in Paris since we arrived.  The first was the day I got here (it was Paris trying to play a trick on me).  The second was last week and I snuck out to take a few photos of the surrounding neighborhood.  Like I have said before…it is very quaint and very cute. 

I had no idea how different it would be WALKING EVERYWHERE.  I walk to the grocery store with a roller cart…to the Pharmacie (that’s how they spell it here)… to the ATM…to the mall with the help of the metro… Daniel walks to work… and I even walk to the park to go walking–go figure!  I like the overall idea of this, but it is pretty darned cold right now, so these photos are a little deceiving.  Nonetheless…here is my new home.  Enjoy!

The gate to our apartment

Our street: Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (no idea how to SAY it)

Rue Jean-Jacques again...

Here is the adorable park where I go walking. I call it...Wee (little) Central Park!

If I ever do enough walking…a place to rest. So far, not the case!


Park complete with picturesque pond--straight from one of those romantic comedies (my life is the comedy part)!

Weird Alert: There is this peculiar little bird sanctuary at the perfect little park. I named him “McDonald” because he is the color of McDonalds…duh!
Drew Peacock (some of you may get that joke)
Indigo…she’s so purdy!
En route to mi casa from el parko…
Roundabouts drive me bonkers when I am driving…good thing that is a thing of the past.

Bon Appetit mi amores (that might be Italian?)


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  1. All these pictures look like perfect postcards! Love the park…and McDonald the bird! Feed him some “French Fries” next time you are there. LOL

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