Snow Day…


Now, all you GWLites, don’t worry…I am not taking the day off.  Since I work from home now, I don’t really have the option for a snow day but I sure as heck am not going out in the elements.  So, I will consider it a “social snow day” and stay in!  Brrrrrr….Bon Appetit!

Anyone noticed that I have worn this pink sweatshirt in 99% of the photos on this blog?

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  1. You are doing a fab job w/ the blog! IT’s pretty all you have seen so far. BTW, I like the sweatshirt. I’m sure they poo poo that in Paris, but you definately SCREAM American! Love you!

  2. hahaha! Hance, I love your blog!! I can just hear you saying all the things you’ve written! hilarious! If you need me to teach you any French Christmas carols, just let me know…I still remember them from high school French class. My favorite: mon bonomme de neige (sp?) (Frosty the Snowman)!

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