No skin, just bones…


Yes, we visited the Catacombs.  What a freaky place–I really wish I had waited until Halloween for a little extra jolt!  I honestly felt like I was breathing in bone dust the entire time we were underground.  I am really not quite sure why we decided this was a good idea, but we visited.  We were tourists.  We came. We conquered.  Disgusting.

Get ready...get set....go underground!

One of the sites along the way...carved from stone. Pretty impressive if you like that kind of thing?

Odd, but beautiful little watering hole in the middle of creepers jeepers!

OK...seriously...a blazing D?! Should we be doing this....I was not so sure!

It just didn't seem appropriate to "say cheese"!

Um, yes, it's a skull.

Looks are deceiving. It wasn't all this pretty.


All femurs and skulls...


The leg bone's connected to the hip bone...

Really? Jail bars too. So cliché!

 It doesn’t seem right, but Bon Appetit y’all!


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