This post should have been done a couple of weeks ago, but I was just too ashamed.  After being in France for a couple of weeks though, I have lost a lot of my pride, so I figure what the hell!?   Enjoy this dorkalicious post!

Yours truly and my dork of a husband decided that these shadow photos would be so sweet when we were on our way over to France.  Afterall, Paris is the most romantic place on earth, so we should start acting the part.  Here was our little rendezvous to Galveston and the…um….creativity that came from being cooped up in a hotel room too long.  Bon Appetit! 



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  1. MInus the kissing one, I don’t think it’s dorky. Kinda cute. But then again, we all have a little dork in us, now don’t we? LOVE U CRAZY KIDS!

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