Where would I be without engineers? It would be ugly!


I would like to give a shout out to the engineers in my life (hubby especially).  They get me through daily life, especially here in France!  Let me tell you what I am talking about…

Cooking is the worst.  Measuring cups are different.  Measuring spoons are different.  The oven is CELSIUS, not FAHRENHEIT, so who knows what 350 degrees is over here?  Engineers!  That’s who!

Driving (or riding).  I ask “what does 110 kilometers equal in MPH?”.  The engineers answer “about 80 MPH”.  Let’s be honest–I NEVER would have taken the time to figure that out, or known HOW to figure that out.  I would drive a little too fast and end up with a French speeding ticket.

Washing Machine.  Figuring out how to run the boiling pot that is called my washing machine isn’t the problem.  BUT, how the heck much laundry detergent do I put in this contraption?  2 small capfuls is the answer thanks to Daniel’s calculations.  Oh, then don’t forget 1 capful of Downy since there is no dryer to get those towels soft and fluffy!  Seriously DO miss a dryer and those lovely little dryer sheets!

Buying Bedding.  There is no such thing as Queen, King, Twin over here.  Instead, it is all measured in centimeters.  I don’t know about the rest of you Americans, but I just don’t use centimeters.  In fact, I can’t even tell you how many centimeters are in an inch…or foot…or yard.  Good luck buying bedding without an engineer!

What to wear?  I have no idea what 4 degrees Celsius means.  Is that warm?  Cold?  Well, thanks to my engineers, I now know:  (degree x 2)+30 = Fahrenheit.  BAM! 

Buying shoes.  Size 8.5 shoe is out the window.  They don’t work like that.  Have you ever paid attention to the European size on your shoebox?  Well, if you are ever going to go shoe shopping here in France, I recommend that you do so.  Another engineer’s calculation.

It’s a good thing that this whole world isn’t made from the typical advertising-type like me.  I may ask the question, but I would NEVER take the time to calculate the answer.  Thank you engineers….for everything!

The engineers here in my French life.

"Royal" might be pushing it, but great guys!

Bon Appetit Boys!


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  1. This was pretty funny! You don’t really need a numerical scale for temperature. Things only fall into one category like boiling, hot, warm, cool, cold, or friggin’ cold. Driving isn’t real tough, either – 100 km/hr is just slightly over 60 mph (nominally, 62.5 mph). Now, the rest of the math regarding speed should be fairly easy to assimilate.

    Next week, we’ll tackle meters/yards and liters/quarts! 🙂

    sounds like you’re having fun! Love you both. (can’t wait for some snow pics!)


  2. Very funny. Engineers are nice to have around for things like that. Elton helps me with those more intelligent things that the common mind can’t comprehend.
    I’m enjoying your blog. Keep at it. Miss you mucho!

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