First stop in Normandy, France was the 360 degree theater.  We all felt like we needed to brush up on our history before we headed to the beaches and the cemetery. 



I don't know if smiles are appropriate at this kind of thing, but we went for it!


Co-travelers: Handson and Bethenny


Memorial for all of the soldiers who lost their lives on that one day.


Ford S-Max along for the ride...


Then, before we actually made it TO the cemetery, we stopped in for lunch. 

No, we did not stop here. Although, it is starting to sound pretty darned good!


Where to go? Cutest road signs I've ever seen in real life! I thought they just used these for cartoons?

Little did we know that we would end up having a 5 course lunch for 3 hours! 

Course #1:  goat cheese salad

Course #2: aperitif to cleanse the palate (apple sorbet with a shot of bourbon–WHOA BUDDY)

Course #3:  Pepper steak with mashed potatoes

Course #4:  Cheese plate to cleanse the palate

Course #5:  Creme Brulee–YUMMY! 

After lunch, we headed to the American Cemetary.  Unbelievable is the only word.  Here are the beaches of Normandy.  A lot different from June 6th, 1944 !

Bon Appetit!


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