Next stop: Champagne Country


Believe it or not, Normandy was only ONE day in our weekend-o-fun!  So, that still leaves Sunday.  As my sister informed me today…I need to get caught up (sorry bloggers).  I am glad she is reading, but REALLY, do I need her to be the Blog Police? 

So stop #2 was Reims, France.  Reims is known worldwide for being the Champagne capital of the world.  If the champagne you are drinking isn’t made in Reims and from Reims grapes, then you better start calling it sparkling wine.  I am serious…they get really mad about those things over here!  I asked if they ever add orange juice to their champagne (AKA:  Mimosa and one of my favorites) and you would have thought I shot the sheriff!  Apparently, THEIR champagne is too good for a little OJ contamination. 

Another interesting fact about champagne over here in France.  When we Americans pop the ever-so-festive cork, there is always some sort of “yeah/oopah/hooray”.  Here….dead….silence.  So weird.  I cheered when they popped the cork and all heads turned to look at the crazy American girl.  I told them all that they were really missing out and I suggested that they implement it into their society.  Just a suggestion.  I hope they take it seriously. 

Would have been even better without the frozen tundra!

Now THIS is worth celebrating! A mountain of champagne...

Daniel had the right idea here. Go big...or go home!

Bon Appetit (and Sante (cheers!))!


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  1. Julie, I am so glad to see the effort you are making at changing the world. Can you imagine the ramifications felt worldwide if they would only cheer at the pop of a cork?

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