Notre Dame Deux (2)…


Apparently Notre Dame is so great that they recreated the entire thing in Reims.  Since we were between champagne tours and pastry shops, we decided to actually check Notre Dame Deux out.  It was the most beautiful church.  If Catholics didn’t have to sit down, stand up, and kneel so much…I would really consider changing religions to get to go to church here every Sunday.  Final pit stop on the road trip…Bon Appetit!

First, we rolled up on dubs in the Ford S-Max.

Moi, Bachelor David, and Frenchie Jeremy (our designated driver)

Bach David hates to have his picture taken. But, I bet he loves to be posted on the BLOG!


Please check out the gargoyles! Awesome!

Dog alert....Sniff, sniff....I miss Millie!


Where's Daniel?


Love is in the air!

See, we actually went INSIDE this time!


For Sus...a Fleur de Lys


And, some random photo. I don't have anywhere else to put it?


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