O Christmas Tree…how small are your branches!


Designer Christmas trees have NOTHING on me!  Afterall, I have a real life “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree”.  Those of you who have watched Charlie Brown Christmas know what I am talking about.  Instead of Linus’ blanket as my tree skirt, I have a lovely forest green trash bag.  Like I said, “designer trees have nothing on me!”

Last week Daniel and I braved the weather and headed to the local Castorama (hardware store) and picked up our real tree.  It has been years since I have had a real tree, so I was pretty pumped.  UNTIL we started trudging this thing home!  What a pain in the A$$.  Here are some photos to walk you through the process.  Next year, either no tree or a small bush will be fine.  Bon Appetit!

We are still happy here because we don't have THE TREE!

And look! Beautiful scenery along the way...

Let the fun begin...

Most people take their fresh Christmas trees home on their vehicle. Yes, this is a CROSS WALK. Do you see what is wrong with this picture?

And THIS is the traffic that we had to cross!

Can you tell by the look on his face that he has the true "Christmas Spirit"?!

Ahhhhh...home safe and sound. Wait for it....the fun, I mean!

We bought 50 little ornaments at the hardware store. Did you know that all 50 little ornaments needed little pieces of string tied to them? Hello? Christmas HOOKS!?

After we trimmed all of the roots off the bottom of the tree, the top sprig was WAY too high, so we had to give our little tree a new "hairdo"!

Ooops! We also bought approximately 2' of garland (which didn't even cover half of this little guy). How much is 7 euros? About 10 bucks! Oopsy!

Yes, the tree is shorter than ME! Do you have a problem with that?

We decided that a bushel of grapes was the perfect tree topper for our Christmas in ol' Pari!

Those "cute" little ornaments I discussed earlier.

It might not be quite what we are used to, but it makes for a pretty hilarious story! Merry Christmas everybody!

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