The shopping queen reins again!


I’m back!  I won’t let a rude saleswoman and a measly 5-item shopping spree hold me back.  Afterall, I am really good at shopping and I would hate to deprive France of that income.  So, back to Carrefour market I went.  This time, me and the cart (let’s start calling her Sally) came home loaded down. 

I went, I shopped, and I paid without any problems.  Sure, the cashier tried to talk to me.  I just shrugged, acted oblivious and swiped my Visa.  Out the door I went and with a whole 2 days worth of groceries.  Let’s be honest….that is about all that Sally and I can lug home in one trip.  So, here is what we bought this time.  I did NOT forget the Nutella (Big Boy) and I hope you aren’t forgetting it either!  Bon Appetit!

Sally Girl!

Loaded to the brim.


Don't judge the fact that there are little-to-no veggies. Comfort food is what I go for....OK?!



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  1. Hi, Honey. Your Uncle Bruce finally got me on this thing, after many tiries on my own. Have you ever tried the Fritos with cream of tomato soup. To me, it’s GREAT and simple to fix. For me, the last is the best. Don’t know if I’ll be able to get back on after I close, but I’ll keep trying. Sounds like you’re having a ball. Be very cautious of the little streams that run across the sidewalks, when you’re shopping. Merry Christmas and have a really good New Year.

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