No “Bah Humbug” here!


Come December, all kinds of Christmas villages pop up across the city.  Last weekend, we headed to La Defense to check theirs out.  It reminds me of the War Eagle craft fairs accompanied with hot wine (instead of hot cocoa) and lots of fresh baked goods and stinky cheeses.  Really, the best of all worlds if you ask me.  From the Christmas Market, we headed into the mall to check out those decorations.  Way to go Paris!  I love the festive spirit.  Keep up the good work!

Complete with red carpet...

And the brasserie (bar) had a great little German Oompah band!

Bird's eye view...

Can you see the Arc De Triomphe in the distance?

Two of Santa's little elves...

The main arc at the Christmas village. Also, home to my French lessons. No, I still haven't learned much of anything. Sorry to report...

And welcome to the mall...

I wonder if this would fit in my living room? Oh wait, it is taller than me!

Even our little bakery is decorated for Santa. Daniel took approximately 15 pictures of this, so I am going to do you all a favor and post ONE. Good job on the photos though, Babe!

Merry Christmas Y'all! Love, The Barnetts

Bon Appetit!


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