Champs Elysees…


The Champs Elysees was a shopper’s paradise!  Not this shopper…but a richer, more famous shopper’s paradise!  I have a bit too much of a budget to be shopping in those hoity toity stores! 

AND, the highlight of the evening:  we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for some good ol’ American cuisine!  Man o man was it good.  They even had RANCH dressing.  Thank God!!!!  I keep asking Daniel if we can go back every weekend.  Apparently, he thinks I need to experience more French food.  What does he know anyway?!  Bon Appetit!

Arc de Triomphe

For you Ashley Boes...a die hard fan of Sephora!

Disney...that's where Daniel and I will be on Christmas Day--Disneyland Paris!

And dinner at the Hard Rock. So good....


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  1. Julie~

    I love seeing that the French have respect for a great cosmetic store!! Thanks for the pic! Looks like y’all are having tons of fun! Merry Christmas from the Boes’! We miss y’all!!

  2. If I remember correctly, there’s a Micky D’s close to the Champs Elysees that . . . . SERVES BEER!!! Yes Ma’am. Go there. I sat right there looking at the Champs, eating FF’s and drinking beer.

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