Christmas Village Post #903


I know….I have posted a LOT of stuff on Christmas villages, but bare with me…they make me feel the Christmas spirit!  So, here is Christmas Village post #903:

Our little town of Suresnes had a Christmas village too.  Just as cute, but a lot smaller.  This time, I thought Mary Poppins would pop out at any moment.  It was so cute and it was my first Nutella Crepe–and you know how I feel about Nutella (have you gone to get yours yet?).  Here is our little excursion through Suresnes.  Bon Appetit!

Seriously? Mary Poppins.....where are you?

Nutella + Crepe = YUMMY to my TUMMY!

What Christmas village is complete without motorized fake animals?



And the 3 Bears!

And here--exhibit A--Nutella Crepe + motorized animal. Good times!


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