The happiest place on earth…debatable.


For years now, I have sworn that I would never visit another Disney park.  I always said they were “NOT the happiest place on earth”!  The crowds, the lines, the expensive food, blah, blah, blah.  Well…I lied.  It was a moment of weakness–I was feeling sorry for myself and Daniel that we wouldn’t be in Arkansas for Christmas–and the words “Do you want to go to Disneyland Paris” actually flowed right out of my mouth.  Daniel, having never been before, thought it was a great idea.  And so a plan was born.  Christmas 2010…me, Daniel, Disneyland Paris.  Damnit, we were going to feel like little kids on Christmas! 

Honestly, it turned out to be a very good diversion from not being home for the holidays.  We woke up Christmas morning, opened all of our presents like normal, had breakfast (a cranberry breakfast bar instead of the usual sticky buns), a little Diet Coke (instead of the normal Grasshoppers), got dressed in triple layers and got on the RER A to Disneyland Paris.  1.5 hours later, we arrived.

Apparently, they had gotten even more snow at Disney and it isn’t customary to shovel the sidewalks here (no worry of lawsuit I guess?).  So, in our little sneakers and thin socks, we walked on in (after we paid the enormous entrance fee of course).  Everything started out great:  great rides, great food, great time in general.  THEN, hypothermia started to set in.  Our feet were wet, it was the coldest day here so far, and the crowds were getting to be a bit much. 

So, at the end, it was time to head back to our little apartment in Suresnes.  When asked, “Would we go again next year?”, Daniel and I both answer “No”, but it was truly great and we had a blast with a few setbacks along the way.  But, that seems to be normal here.  If we don’t have at least one setback every time we venture out then something must be wrong.  Right?

Enjoy the pics and we hope you had a magical Christmas wherever it led you this year…Bon Appetit!

Oh, and to the future grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins of our children.  If you would like them to EVER see Disneyworld/Disneyland, then we invite you to take them.  Their parents will be doing no such thing!  Consider this warning!

Now THAT is a real Christmas Tree!

Meet my little boy, Daniel!

Ratatoille! C'mon...we are in Paris, we HAD to try it on!

If it had only FIT my head, I might have purchased...


Thunder Mountain

And the Haunted Mansion...

Awwww...Sleeping Beauty's Castle (our favorite as you will see)

Genie in a bottle!

Ratatoille was my obsession for the day! Chip and Donald!

You know who he is and if you don't, then we aren't friends anymore!

THIS is how cold it was. Lovely...dontcha think?

Sleeping Beauty's 3 Fairy Godmothers...

Blown Glass...seriously.

And now for the price tag: $25,000 (Euros)! If you like Disney this much, I believe you have lost your ever-loving mind!

Santa closed out the Christmas parade...of course!

Tinkerbell, or "Tink", as I like to call her.

I wanted my fingers in the pic to make sure they were still there (because I sure couldn't feel them)!

Prince Charming (he's all mine ladies!)

Officially lost it...

Mickey and Minnie wanted us to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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