To deliver the pizza, or not to deliver the pizza…that is the question!


And the answer is:  NOT to deliver the pizza. 

We figured that since we probably didn’t speak French well enough to say “We would like a large pepperoni pizza with cheese stix, please” that we should order online.  We entered all of our vitals:  name, address, order, city, state, etc, etc, etc.  Then, we hit “ORDER”.  Then, we waited…and waited…and waited some more.  About 2 hours later we finally got the idea that our pizza wasn’t coming.  Here is the hour-long process of trying to order a pizza online in France:

Look how happy he started out. That will all change...

Thank you Google Translate for all of your help...eventhough it didn't really help!

I prefer Pizza Hut/Dominos/Papa John's/anything but France!

And HERE is what we ate for dinner. Thank you, France, for opting NOT to deliver our pizza!

For the record, we were craving pizza pretty bad at this point, so we tried a different place the next night and had…wait for it…SUCCESS!  The cheese may have been a little rubbery, but who really cares?!  Bon Appetit!


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