Miller’s Homeland (aka: Switzerland)…


Well, I sure do feel bad for pulling my Bernese Mountain Dog away from THIS place!  What a beauty Switzerland shaped up to be.  For those of you who don’t know, Daniel and I headed to Geneva, Switzerland for 1) My 30th Birthday (boooo!) and  2) New Year’s Eve.  We had a great time and love Suisse country.  Miller, you would have loved it too!

Here is what we kept busy with on our trip.  Even if you don’t care, I need to get this down for my future reference.  Someday–and too many diet cokes later, I will look back on this blog to remember this whole “Julie and Daniel’s Great Adventure”.  So…like I was saying: 

(1)We shopped along Lake Geneva (Old Town);  (2)Stayed at the cutest boutique hotel (EastWest);  (3)Ate Swiss chocolate;  (4)Bought Swiss army knives; (Not 5)Couldn’t afford a Swiss massage;  (5)Ate some of the BEST Italian food along the Lake;  (6)Drank hot cocoa at the Godiva store;  (7)Drank lots of expensive wine ($16/glass);  (8)Visited the Jet D’eau;  (9)Took photos in front of the Flower Clock;  (10)Went to a modern art museum (never need to do that again);  (11)And finally, rang in 2011 with amazing fireworks on Lake Geneva! 

Welcome to the Swiss Alps!

We also headed to Montreaux, Switzerland just for the scenery!

Shrubbery art. Can you really go wrong?

The old woman and her young, hot fling!

Happy New Year!!!

Gosh! Who took this photo? Amazing!

More shrubbery art...with a great view to boot!

Does anyone know what these tall, skinny trees are? I need several in my yard.

Need I say more?

I wish the pictures did this place justice.  It makes me want to sell everything, get some great Northface gear, and become a true mountain woman.  I would eat chocolate, get Swiss massages, and drink Swiss wine all day.  I would ski (OK, TRY to ski), take Miller to play in the snow, and whatever else those crazy Swissies do!  Ahhhh….the life!  I just wish it was about 30 degrees warmer????

More Suisse posts to come.  Bon Appetit!


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