Christmas-Part Deux…


This post is delayed too, but better late than never, right.  This happened RIGHT before I headed back to the USA.

After 23 days stuck in French customs, a Christmas package arrived from Dad and Mom–what a freaking relief!

So, exactly 2 weeks after Christmas, Daniel and I celebrated Christmas Deux.  I could celebrate Christmas like this every 2 weeks–all year long!  Mom and Dad, go ahead and put the next round in the mail please.  Maybe it will be here by July!

We have been in constant contact with La Poste (French post office).  We had to email lists of what was in the box, how much each item was worth, assured them that we wouldn’t sell the items, etc, etc.  When I say that we were “in contact” with La Poste, what I meant to say is that we have been writing emails in French (OK, Jeremy has been writing emails in French) for about 3 weeks straight.  Finally, the package was approved!

So, 9AM on Saturday, we are laying in bed asleep and I hear our door buzzer.  I leaped up and screamed “Our package!”.  Daniel had no clue what was going on and no idea why I was trying to run out of the room (he is a little groggy when he first wakes up).  I say “trying” to run out of the bedroom because there was a blanket on the floor and I was getting NO WHERE!  It was such a cartoon moment.  I immediately buzzed the postman into the building.  Then, I realized: 1) I had no pants on and 2) I needed to find the key to even let the postman in.  Luckily, Daniel had snapped out of his stupor and was ready with pants and keys!  Quite honestly, I didn’t care if I did have to answer the door without pants–after all, this is FRANCE.  Long story short:  we FINALLY got the package. 

I would like to send  a thank you out to La Poste for 1) an extremely late package 2) letting us tell them all of our Christmas presents before we even got a chance to open them and 3) driving obnoxious yellow vans!  Geez…France!

Bon Appetit!

He is sad he can't play golf over here. Sorry babe! I am sure you won't be THAT bad by the time we get back!

Thank God for the small TACO SEASONING!

Yes, it moves and it shakes and it sings!


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  1. Again — this sounds so familiar. Guess all post offices over there are the same. You’d think as much as it costs to ship boxes over there, there’d be better service. Usually the shipping costs were as much as the presents!

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