I’m Back!


I apologize for the lack of blogging!  I have been enjoying myself a little too much back in the U.S. of A.!  What did you expect, blogs from all of the wonderful things I was doing back home?  I am not a machine like Pioneer Woman ya know?–I took some time off to work on my creativity and writing skills (yeah, that’s what I was doing).  OK, I was just enjoying America!  Now, in a lovely, bullet-pointed list, here is what I was up to in Arkansas:

  • Obviously gaining weight.  I ate cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken fingers, cake, sub sandwiches, steak, and whatever else I felt like.  On the plane ride home, my jeans were a bit snug–not gonna lie to you!
  • Enjoying my American friends and fam
  • Enjoying my American birthday parties (thanks everyone–you are the best!)
  • I got an American haircut (I am shorter and darker now–just my hair)
  • Slept in my American King-sized bed
  • Took showers (at least 2 per day) in my American shower that is mounted to the wall
  • Worked at my American job, in my American office
  • Shopped at American stores, with American prices–cheap!
  • Spent as much time as possible at some great American classics like:  KROGER and WALMART!
  • Drove my Japanese car
  • And played with my Swiss Dog and Siamese Cat

All-in-all, God Bless America!  Bon App Americans!

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