Snow Bunnies…


Last weekend, we skied the Alps.  Well, Daniel skied the Alps and I tumbled down the Alps.  Either way, it was a great trip and great scenery.  I think the photos pretty much speak for themselves.  It is Wednesday and I am still having trouble moving around.  Geez, ya hit 3-0 and you can’t handle a little snowplowing down the side of a mountain! 

OK, I can’t let the photos do ALL of the talking…I have to give a little more a story than that.  This was my 2nd time to ever go skiing and I…quite literally….suck.  This is Daniel’s 3rd time to ever go skiing and he flies down the side of a mountain like he has done it his whole life.  AND, to top it off, he skis the really hard mountains too (Blacks for you experienced skiers).  He even did moguls.  Not fair!  But I can confirm that it is official–my favorite parts of skiing are the hats and vin chaud (hot wine)!  Bon App!

Here is the hotel that we stayed at. Collett was the "den mother" and was an absolute RIOT. I couldn't understand too much of what she was saying, but I was laughing my ass off at her!

This is how I would prefer to see my skies from now on...not on my body!

If I can't SKI the part, at least I needed my aviators to LOOK the part!

Lunch. About 1/2 way down my 1st (and only) blue slope. It took me approximately 3.5 hours to make it to the bottom. Daniel = 10 minutes and that is WITH lift time!


Denis and Jeremy

Laurent and Laurence (not so sure on that spelling, but you get the idea)

Daniel took some great photos from higher up on the mountain. I never got this high to ACTUALLY see this. Looks pretty, huh?

I like to call this one "the edge of reason". This is right before Daniel headed down this "hill". Clearly...he had lost his reasoning skills!

I am guessing there were some nose bleeds up there!


Another Loser.

Pretty sure they just came off a super steep black + moguls. Sorry I missed that one....NOT!

Meanwhile...back on the Ranch. Me + vin chaud.

Daniel came to his senses and decided to get in on the GOOD action! Cheers!

Day #2 Begins...

I DID take this one from the top of the mountain (please note: lawn chairs). Day #2 and I got smart--I took the lift to the TOP of the mountain AND right back down after lunch. Brilliant!

Obviously, I had to capture the moment. It isn't ever day that I am at the top of the French Alps and I certainly wasn't going to ski down them!

Not too many choices at the top of the mountain. Great lasagna and it was the size of my cranium!


Ahhhhh....and back down to the bunny slopes (and lounge) for me!

And for your viewing pleasure...a real athlete in the making!


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