Rugby or Bust…

What do you think of when you think “rugby”?  Well, if you are anything like me, you think big, burly, bearded men clobbering the hell out of each other.  That thought is, in part, true.  However, Stade Paris (the Paris Rugby team), is all of that AND much more. 
Let’s discuss their outfits.  Normally, Daniel would lecture me and say “they are uniforms, not outfits”, but in this case…they are very much OUTFITS!  They wear pink leopard skin shirts, with a giant lily on the left side (pink lily I should mention), and hot pink, tight shorts.  Outfits, right?!  It is probably one of the more humorous antics I have seen here in France.  Big, burly sissy boys!  I am pretty sure the fans are embarrassed and that is why they all wear shirts that say “Pink is not Dead”…..?
Oh, and when you see the pink carpet below…please know that a topless woman prances down that pretty pink carpet at every single home game–kinda like the team mascot!  I am sure most American men would like to have a mascot like that!  My camera’s zoom wasn’t that good or I would prove it. 
The French….they are so weird!

Told you.

No, it is not the Susan G. Komen breast cancer's rugby!

Go Paris! goal posts!

Roll out the pink carpet? The topless mascot is on the float!

I felt like I was at the "Girly Superbowl"

Hello Boys! Where is your PINK?

I really did have pink was just buried!

Bon Appetit!

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