Boredom in a Train Station…


This post has NO significant meaning.  In fact, you might be wasting your precious time to read it, but here is what happens when Mr. and Mrs. Barnett are bored in the metro station.  Suddenly, we are totally hot models with nothing better to do than make sexy, pouty faces for the camera.  Just another reason Danielle (as they call him here) and I are total dorkapotamuses!  Bon Appetit!

He is HILARIOUS as you can see!

Never again will I wear heels in Paris, France!

Art. For a limited time: I will not charge a fee if you want to print this portrait and hang it on your wall!

This one will be $2.99 per download.'s TOO good.

What a stud!

Very cool photography, don't you think?


And pose. And pose. And pose.

This is simply annoyed. Annoyed because the entire train station was empty and these folks decided to sit with me...the model! Geez.

See?  Don’t you feel like you wasted 3 minutes of your life?  Sorry about that!  Ha ha!


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