Calling the Hogs…Paris style!

We just knew our fellow Arkansans would be so proud that we found a place to call those Hogs…in Le Louvre!  Lots of people were taking their photo with this big guy, but we have no idea what it is called or the importance–we just thought it was Porkchop! Bon Appetit!

Woooooo....Pig Sooie!

Hit that line. Hit that line. Keep on going…run that ball right down the field.  Give a cheer (go Hogs).  Never fear (go Hogs).  Arkansas will never yield.  On your toes little piggies, to the finish.  And carry on with all your might.  For it’s AaRkanSas for Arkansas…fight, fight, fight!


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  1. JULIE!!! Love the blog! I found it most entertaining and laughed, laughed, laughed! I am so happy you and Daniel are enjoying life there. I look forward to your next posting!


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