Pocahontas and Sitting Bull…


It wasn’t technically Halloween here in Paris, but it sure did feel like we were the center of a freak show walking the streets of Montmarte dressed as…wait for it…Indian Chiefs!  It was Agnes and Coralie’s birthday party and they decided to declare war on “getting older”, so everyone was required to dress as some sort of warrior–enter–Indian Chiefs and G.I. Joe’s.

It was quite a night from the start.  We looked for a parking spot for 45 minutes until we finally found one about 1.5 miles from the party.  Now, let’s keep in mind that it was a rental car (rented by Daniel S. Barnett) and we found a lovely parallel spot on downward slope of a mountain.  Daniel S. Barnett was also driving on this particular evening.  Once we were in the spot, he decided to straighten up one more time (because the Frenchies were giving him a hard time about being crooked), so he put it in reverse and hit the gas.  Bad news…reverse was actually DRIVE and we plowed into the car in front of us…which plowed into the car in front of him. 

Now, don’t worry (although I was freaking out) because apparently this is no big deal in France.  Jeremy and Flo were laughing their hineys off, got out of the car, and took off for the party.  At this point, I was yelling behind them “don’t we need to leave a note?!”  Jeremy then replied, “No!  Look at their P.O.S. car!”.  And then we began our journey through Montmarte.

For those that don’t know (which is probably a majority), Montmarte is the “party” district in Paris.  Lots of bars. Lots of strip clubs. Lots of “interesting” people along the way.  The surprising part is that normally Frenchies keep to themselves.  Well…NOT this night.  Everyone had something to say!  We got lots of Indian calls, lots of salutes, and lots of laughs in general.  Apparently, the French were out to play!  Here are some photos from our first official party in Paris.  Thanks to Agnes and Coralie for joining me in the world of “older” and having a great party.  We had a great time, but then again, I don’t meet too many parties that I don’t like!  Bon Appetit!

Sitting Bull (sh*t) as I like to call him.

Running mouth (as Daniel likes to call me).

Chief Barnett and the G.I. Joe Twins (Jeremy and Flo).

Here is the official invite.

Chief Barnett's Guards. Thanks Jeremy and Flo for keeping him safe!

Birthday Girl #1 (Agnes). Happy 30th Birthday!

Birthday Girl #2 (Coralie). Happy 25th you young thang!

Me and James Bond (Alex) making PEACE!

The Bond Girls (or so he wishes)!

We mean no funny business white man. We are Pocahontas and Sitting Bull!

What can I seriously say about this. No words can explain!


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