Fontainebleau…the Chateau


After we visited the quaint, wonderful Chenonceau…we headed to THE Chateau of Chateaus…Fontainebleau.  I am not sure if it is quite as big as Le Louvre, but it is pretty darned close.  I think Daniel and I learned a valuable lesson by going to 2 Chateaus in 2 days…my attention span can’t handle all of that knowledge and history!  So, we will now limit our sight-seeing to 1 day per weekend if it is of historical nature. 

I did impress the ever-loving crap out of Daniel when I told him something that I learned while visiting Fontainbleau.  Did you know that Napoleon’s throne room is the only original throne room still in existence today?  It is located here and, if I had a throne, it would have been WAY more impressive than this.  Bon Ap!

Not the pearly gates, but still pretty impressive.


Daniel really liked this wood carving in all of the doors. If interested, I am pretty sure I can send you about 50 more shots just like this!

My favorite.

Somewhat impressive library. But, you should see my collection of People Magazine and US Weekly!

Napoleon's Throne. The Original.


Danielle (as they like to call him here)

Next stop on the Chateau train:  Versailles.  Date:  Not tomorrow.

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