He loves me? He loves me not?


…He loves me!

Turns out Daniel and I have fallen into the “old married couple” category and we didn’t even get the memo!  We postponed our Valentine’s Day celebration due to 1) being tired from skiing and 2) another postponement due to rainy weather and 3) we were lazy.  So,we finally celebrated last weekend. 

DBarnes took me to a great place for dinner, The Comp Toir du Pantheon, where I proceeded to order a giant, American-sized salad with a giant, American-sized glass of wine.  D-LISH-US!

Stop #2 on our evening of romance was for ice cream.  We stopped at the oldest ice cream parlor in France (Bertillion) and I sure do see why they have been around so long.  SO good.  I didn’t know what I was missing until now, so it was probably a mistake to take me there–now I will be forced to turn my nose up to Shakey’s (get real, not really!)

Before we got to the ice cream parlor, Daniel gave me my V-day present.  It was a lock?  “Geez, thanks”, I thought, “Is this what Valentine’s Day has come to? We should consider dating again.”  Then, he followed it up with the story to match.  Apparently there is one bridge (Pont de L’Archeveche) in Paris where lovebirds come to put a lock on their romance.  I know…you could melt, right?!   So, we proceeded to clasp our lock in the middle of the bridge over-looking the Seine River.  Then Daniel told me we each had a key and we had to throw them in the river because we would never unlock our true love.  So….kerplunk went the keys and I guess we will be hitched forever.  I hope he stays cool!

The Pantheon. Significance: Right next to our restaurant!

Better known as: True Love Bridge.

My key before I had decided if I was going to throw it overboard or not?!

Our keys..."French kissing"!

Our lock. It doesn't look too strong, so if things go South, I think I can break it! Just kidding!

Oh crap! Where's my lock!?

Bon Appetit...


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