B-Wa comes to visit…


I guess now she would be called B-Ru?

Last weekend, our very first guests came to visit.  I was beside myself!  So excited to have a social life once again!  Becky Rutherford (formerly: Becky Walter or B-Wa) is an old college friend and Sigma Sigma Sigma sister who now resides in The Lou.  Becky, Jason (her hubs), Matt and Carrie (their friends) were in Paris and stopped by Chateau Barnett for a little “French Fiesta” (excuse the Espanol, but I don’t know the French word for party?). 

To add to my sensory overload, our friend Wes was also in town and joined the party.  So many fun people all in one place…what is a gal to do?!  I put my party pants on and let the night begin.  We started with a little champagne toast, a little French wine tasting, a little French cheese, and of course…baguettes!  Once everyone was a little tipsy, we hit the city.

Thanks to B-Ru, J-Ru, Matt, Carrie and Wesley!  I had so much fun hanging out with all of you.  To Daniel and Wes:  Sorry we kept you out until 1AM on a “school night”!   You are both little rock stars!  Bon Appetit!

PS:  To anyone who may be visiting the Paris area, please call Julie Barnett at 06 40 43 21 48 97 32 for a good time.  I can’t wait to have more visitors!

Getting ready for my guests...Daniel says I was "pacing".

Can't go wrong with a little honey-almond brie.


J-Ru and B-Ru. They are fabulous! Won't you come back?!

Here is Matt and Carrie. Such sweet people. They got stuck at the kid's table with me and Daniel for dinner, so I feel like we have bonded!

Look! It's tour guide Wes!

Exhibit A: Cracks me up. It looks like one of those awkward family photos similar to the below image. Ha ha!

Exhibit B: Much prettier people in exhibit A!

Sigma love and all mine!

Off for a little sightseeing. Obviously, the Eiffel Tower.

Couples Pic.

Photo Op: All the girls with an authentic French hottie...Alex!

The Ru's.

Awwww...I will miss you B-Wa!


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  1. I am terribly slow to read this but I am so excited to be part of the blog! We had an AMAZING time- much thanks to you guys, you really made the trip for us!

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