Oh Marie!


Have I told you that our landlord is…well…crazy?  The very first time we met her, she crawls on our apartment floor in leather hot pants to check the heater (of course, she didn’t have a damned clue how to fix it–it is STILL broken 6 months later).  She is, as Daniel puts it, “ONE HOT MESS”!

Now that you know the background, let me tell you about a recent moment that brought us a whole lot closer to ol’ Marie.  Daniel and I were in the process of changing out photographs throughout the apartment and decided it was time to get rid of the creepy little girl photos in our kitchen.  So, as we started to peel away creepy little girl, we found something even creepier.  Take a look–Bon Ap…

Meet the Creepy Little Girl

Now meet...MARIE--the CRAZIER BIG MAMA! You all should have seen Daniel's face when Marie and her boobies were in our kitchen!

And now...much better.

Happy Friday to all and to all…a GREAT WEEKEND!

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