Miller Dog Spotting #2…


Any time I see a Miller Dog, it makes me miss the ol’ girl.  So far, I have seen 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs over here and both times the dog has been very lucky that I haven’t jumped on it’s back, wrangled it to the ground, put it in my cart and brought it home with me to live forever and ever. 

This time the lovable, fluffy Berner was chasing his 8-year-old master on her bike.  No leash…just following like a good doggie should.  Happy as a clam. 

Oh Millie…I miss you!  And Asher too!

Not Miller, but this Berner actually looks decent in photos. Miller is a shy.

Asher on the other hand LOVES to pose. I guess you could say...he likes to walk the catwalk!

Bon Appetit!


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