Tennis or Bust?



Saturday morning we had 3 things on the agenda:  1) figure out how to buy bus tickets; 2) figure out how to take the bus to Parc de Puteaux; and 3) play tennis at Parc de Puteaux once we got there.  #1 and #2…no problem.  However, the one thing I have wanted to do since November 18th–when I arrived–is play tennis.  We failed miserably!  I suppose, the way our luck goes here in France, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad?

Monday morning, Daniel and Denis called (thank you Denis!) to make a court reservation for the upcoming Saturday.  In an efford to learn, Daniel told Denis exactly what he said to the lovely gentleman at Parc de Puteaux LAST time.  Denis said, “That is great…if you want want to reserve a tennis lesson!”.  So, apparently Danielle was trying to get us lessons on Saturday–no wonder there weren’t any available!  Here is where the problem lied:

Daniel said, “court de tenis?”

Daniel should have said, “un reservation por court de tenis?”

See the difference?  Well, good news…we have a RESERVATION for this Saturday.  So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that we don’t bust again!  Bon Ap!

Let the bus journey begin. Interesting fact: the bus doesn't actually stop at all of the stops on the map. I don't know why? I don't think the French really know why?

My tennis bag was SO enjoying the possibility of being used...

Feeling optimistic...right before the big BUST!


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