We became Parisian in 1 Hour….


 It was my turn to plan a date in ol’ Pari.  Of course, I knew our date would include eating simply because I can’t remember the last date we went on without eating something (we aren’t malnourished by any means!).  Aside from going to dinner, we went to see “How to become Parisian in 1 Hour”. 

The show is basically a one man comedy skit that makes fun of Americans and Parisians for 1 full hour.  It turned out to be hilarious and ‘spot on’.  He talked about dating, dancing, metro behavior, restaurant behavior, etc.  Basically, Americans are obnoxiously overly-friendly and zealous while Parisians are a bunch of depressed, Negative Nancy’s. 

Quite funny and gets ***** (5 stars) from  J.Barnett!  Bon Ap!

After becoming “Parisian in 1 Hour”, we had some great Italian food!  See the humor?


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