Ya know…I have had many misconceptions about France before I moved here.  Let’s see, here are a few:

1.  Showers attached to the wall were common…nope.

2.  Dryers were common…nope.

3.  Air conditioning was common…nope.

4.  France is like a 3rd World Country…nope (don’t be fooled by exhibit 1 thru 3 above).

5.  French fries taste better in France…nope.

6.  French cheese would be better than cheddar…nope.

7.  All French people would hate me…nope (they adore me–just kidding!)

And, most recently (today at Carrefour Market to be exact):

8.  That French Dressing would be available in France…nope!

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Here are some things I learned in Paris:

    1. French people only hate you if you INSIST that they speak English!

    2. Pommes Frittes at McDonalds in Paris taste the same as French Fries at McDonalds in Gallup, NM! and

    3. French Dressing is an American invention! 🙂

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