Etretat, France (pr: ET RA TAT)

 Final stop along our weekend to the coast was Etretat, France.  This was my favorite town along the way.  I have never- in my life-seen views like this.  The pictures are good, but they just don’t do it justice.  See for yourself…I will let the photos do the talking on this one. 
Bon Ap!

Daniel's pride and joy shot of the entire weekend. "Cool got really close to that seagull..." He is getting older now and likes bird watching and flower smelling. What will he be like at 70?!

We are trying to get the cliffs in the background…bare with us…
“Julie, move your St. Bernard-sized cranium!”
“Daniel, your pea brain got in the way!”
There’s the money shot!

I am submitting this to J.Crew. Look for it in the Fall 2011 book.

Excuse the fashion faux pas (ewww…rolled jeans!)
Unbelievable, right?

The “sand” at Etretat.

And the trusty stead that got us to the coast and back to Pari safe and sound. We’ll call her Gloria!

 Next move:  We are moving to the beach.  Never to return to land-locked life again!


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