Happy Anniversary…


…to us!  Today marks the third year that Daniel has been privileged enough to call me his wife.  You are welcome, babe!  We sure have had a heck of a ride over the last 3 years and I hope we have at least 3 more good ones left.  Ha ha…just kidding!  More like 63 more (that will put me at 93 years old and I think that I will be ready to hang it up by then)!  I don’t think we will forget our 20-11 anniversary any time soon…

We actually went to London this weekend to celebrate (more to come later this week), but here is how we actually spent our anniversary.

Daniel hasn't had American beef since October, so that was my gift to him in London. You would have thought it was his first time to eat. Thank you JW Steakhouse and London for being USDA-friendly!

Daniel brought me flowers at lunch. How sweet!
Thanks for the anniversary wishes!
We will be dining at our favorite hot spot in Paris this evening. Looking forward to a romantic evening…

Bon Ap!


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