Just Married…the remake!

So, we stayed the night in Honfleur.  Here is where the real journey began.  Let me set the scene for you…

Have you seen the movie “Just Married” with Ashton Kutcher and Brittainy Murphy?  Well, remember the part in Italy where they are headed upstairs to their room in La Pension?  The landlord was farting the entire way up the stairs, the bed looked like it had just been slept in by an elephant, the pictures hung crooked on the wall and…sometimes… fell off.  Stains?…oh yes!  Ashton Kutcher says, “We’ll try it for the night and if we don’t…LIVE…”  That is what we were dealing with here.  

We pretty much had an exact remake of this scene:  http://movieclips.com/9bpeK-just-married-movie-roach-hotel/

Not SO bad from the outside…but wait!
This pretty much sums it up…
Replace Brittainy and Ashton with Julie and Daniel and you will get the picture…
No words…
Even super-trooper Daniel wasn’t sure about this one. That’s when I knew it was bad and I wasn’t just being a spoiled brat! No, he wasn’t on the phone with the Four Seasons…unfortunately!

To let you know my personal beliefs on lodging.  My Dad pretty much summed it up when I asked him as a small child if we could go camping.  He said, “Sure…as long as it is at the Four Seasons”.  So, see?  It’s not my fault!  Bon App!


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