While the cat’s away…the mice will play…



And that’s exactly what they did!  A girl leaves for 2 weeks and her husband and all of his buddies pile into the Ford minivan and head to Amsterdam for some “male bonding”.  I don’t know about you, but it looks like Boys Gone Wild 2011!

And here are the mice….

Let the games begin....uh-oh!

The road trip lasted about 5 minutes WITHOUT beer!
Please note: Blueblockers. Purchased after “The Hangover” came out in theaters…
Daniel’s twin brother, Fat Jesus!
The Motley Crew…
Not exactly what I had in mind when I thought “Amsterdam”!

When we go back, I will HAVE to track down this little shoe-boat and go for a little cruise!
What type of sight-seeing do a bunch of guys do on “guy weekend”? Brewery tours of course!
Let the trouble begin…
Typical scene: beer in hand.
No words…
It looks like it is about time to leave that brewery!
Here’s Denis trying to be “Kenny West”–that’s what they call him here (I think I should write Kanye and tell him that one!)
Apparently just like Walgreen’s…one on every corner!
Shopping for hookers anyone? They are right there in the store window (WEIRD)!
Well…we try to find Razorbacks everywhere we go, so here are Razorbacks (courtesy of Daniel). Go Hogs?
It’s perfect! A Juj-wagon! I need that here in Pari.
Now, if this isn’t a “pimp-mobile”, I don’t know what is? I can’t believe they could keep the ladies away!


Well, thank goodness they made it home safe and sound!  So much for “what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam”.  They forgot that I BLOG! 

Bon Ap!

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