Ignorance is Bliss…


Well…I broke the law here in Paris…AND got caught!  For those of you who know me quite well, you know that breaking a rule is a HUGE offense in my book!  I just don’t do it (with the exception of a speed limits and underage drinking).  I pay my taxes, I go to work on time, I don’t litter, I don’t steal and I do my French homework, and I even report 2 items of clothing on my customs return form!  For Pete’s Sake….this is the girl who threw up all over her 3rd grade class because the teacher said “don’t talk and don’t get out of your seats” right before she stepped out of the classroom.  So, unable to get out of my seat, I barfed all over Phillip Armstrong, Jessica Garman, Landon Riggs, and Mark Williamson!  Really a highlight moment in my life by the way…

So…last Friday, I was taking the T2 from Porte de Versaille to Suresnes.  Because this is a suburb train, you don’t have to validate your ticket before you get on or after you get off (aka:  free train ride).  Well, little did I know that the train police were going to hop on the train about half way back to Suresnes and ask to see my validated ticket.  So, I handed him the UNVALIDATED ticket.  Then, I watched him get pretty pissed off and ask me (in French BTW) why my ticket wasn’t validated.  At this point panick started to kick in, so I did what any Frenchie-in-training would do…I pretended I had no idea what he was saying.  I kept saying “Excuse Moi…repete?”.  Finally, after about 2 minutes of me repeating the same, tired line with a bewildered look on my face–he gave up.  He ripped my ticket in half (so much for the free ride) and went about his unmerry way!  Geez, Bon Ap!

Sidenote:  When I told Daniel and Jeremy about my experience they both cheered and said they were so proud of me!  Jeremy said he thought I was about 90% French now…

The no-longer-free ticket!

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