How I love London…let me count the ways!


London rocked my world (excuse the 1980’s phrase)!  I have no idea why the relocation Gods thought it would be better for Daniel and I to relocate to Paris, France rather than London, UK.  Seriously, I was kinda bummed to come back to Paris (I realize that sounds like a totally spoiled brat), but London was just oh-so-amazing and oh-so-ME.  Let’s examine why London was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious:

1) English is the native language; 2) People are friendly and very polite; 3) They have fish and chips; 4) They have adorable English Pubs that all kinds of really old, historical figures used to frequent; 5) They have tea time with crumpets and scones; 6) Everyone speaks with a great accent that I tried to mimic and failed miserably; 7) They have real life queens, princes, princesses, and dukes; 8) They have BIG, fatty breakfasts; 9) I could even find a bagel in the land of Londres; and 10) They had the Royal Wedding!

Over the course of the next 5-6 posts, I will walk you through our little rendezvous to the United Kingdom.  Here are just a few of the offerings that London had for us…

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down...My fair lady!

Look! It's Prince Harry at the Palace!

Is that Big Ben?

Yes it is!

Daniel LOVES Big Ben!

The London Eye. Let me just say that we had no idea at the time, but this cost us $95 to ride (the British lb. is very high right now). Lesson learned...the HARD way!


5 Star hotels (see my last hotel post: Just Married...the remake)!

Double-decker bus....HELLO!

Total tourists...

And loving every second of it!

Bon Ap is all I can say! 


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