Prince William and Kate Middleton…how I love thee!


We ended up being in London exactly ONE week before the Royal Wedding.  Obviously, it was the talk of the town and we quickly got caught up in the excitement.  Here are just a few of the things that I was tempted with at every single souvenir shop (I tend to frequent these shops on vacation.  I can’t resist a good magnet, t-shirt, stuffed Paddington Bear, or one of these…):

Kate and Will plates

Kate and Will buttons...

And more buttons

Kate and Will flags

Even Kate and Will caricatures!

 Aside from the gift stores, we obviously had to hit the high points along the Royal Wedding “schedule of events”. 

Green Park: Where Barbara Walters reported LIVE!

Obviously...Westminster Abbey!

I had to take a photo with the sign that told me I could NOT tour Westminster because it was closed for the Royal Wedding. Acceptable excuse I guess?!

Pleeeeeease can I have an invite to the wedding?! Afterall, I AM married to the best man...Harry!

And of course...the place where it happened...the FIRST (and second) KISS!

I hope you will all join me in my obsession with William, Kate, Harry, Harry’s hot mess of a girlfriend, The Queen, and all things ROYAL!  Bon Ap!


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