Guilty pleasure: I LOVE DINOSAURS


It’s true…I am and always have been obsessed with dinosaurs!  I love every single one of them, but Stegosaurus has always been my personal favorite!  So, whilst in England, I made Daniel take me to the Natural History Museum.  This is one of the VERY few museums that I really do like–always have!  I think the only reason I was able to convince him is because admission was free and it was air-conditioned!  But, we had a glorious time and I got to see all kinds of DINOSAURS.  I even think Daniel learned a thing or two about my extinct friends (of course he wouldn’t admit that).  Hello!  He didn’t even know that the Blue Whale is the largest mammal to ever exist on planet Earth (see what knowledge he acquired!?).  All-in-all he was a good sport and even let me hit the gift shop at the end!

"Hello Brontosaurus"


T.Rex claws. If you don't find this amazing, something is wrong with YOU...not ME!

Yup....that's him....the almighty T.Rex!

And my personal passion...enter...Stegosaurus!

 And for the random portion of this post (as if Dinosaurs in London wasn’t random enough), a monkey skeleton.  Looks just like a tiny human!

Curious George finally did himself in!

 I hope you enjoyed the educational section of my blog.  If you would like to know more about dinosaurs, just email me–I am happy to share my knowledge!  Bon Ap!


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