Eagles and Bears and Moose…OH MY!


If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE animals.  If you don’t know that…stop reading my blog…we aren’t friends.  The main thing on my Alaska “checklist” was to see as many animals as possible.  I HAD to see a moose.  I HAD to see a bald eagle.  And, I HAD to see a bear in nature (preferably not while hiking).  Jody, Daniel’s mom, called this the trifecta.   TRIFECTA accomplished!  And so much more….look at all of the amazing animals.  It was just about nature-overload!  Bon Ap (not literally, that would be cruel)…

Porcupines (surprisingly cute)...


Reindeer (not sure if this was Dasher or Dancer?)

I caught a good-sized halibut...Reindeer (not sure if this was Dasher or Dancer?)


Orca Whales, Humpback Whales, and Gray Whales (we got our money's worth on that cruise!)

Sea Otters are adorable (even if they are members of the weasel family)


I don't think this sea lion has done a lot of swimming lately?!

Billy Goat (properly known as a Mountain Goat)...on side of mountain (go figure)!

Makes you want to sing the National Anthem, eh?


Not so much on the National Anthem here???

Trifecta #2....check! Moose. Did you know they shed their antlers during the winter to get through all of the trees? I knew you didn't know!


What an adorable mooselet!


And the missing element on my trifecta...BEARS!!!!


This fella was eating peanut butter off the side of the tire. No wonder he has a little "junk in the trunk"!


Here is the mama bear that we got to see in the wild (just a normal thing in Alaska to see a bear on the side of the road with her baby cubs!). You will hear more about them later...


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  1. Daniel makes me want to sing the Nat’l Anthem. Not often you see a bald eagle w/ an adam’s apple! 🙂 Miss you guys! Be seeing you in LESS than one month! WOOP WOOP!

  2. It’s not necessarily cruel – sometimes tasty! 😉 😉 Did you bring any of the halibut back with you?

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