Clam Digging How To’s:


Clam chowder anyone?  Well, don’t ask this group to get your clams!  It didn’t go as…um…planned!  Sure, we looked the part.  We had all of the right gear and great hats to boot.  However, clam digging is one hell of a lot harder than it appears on the internet.  Let’s examine clam digging 101:

First, you have to wear galoshes, high waders, and a rain coat.  Don’t forget your dishwashing gloves and a great fisherman’s hat.  CHECK!

Now, the fun can begin.  Look for a 1/4″ hole in the sand.  Now…it COULD be a hole…It COULD be a dimple, or it COULD even be a slight bubble.  Get to looking because they are impossible to find!

Once you do manage to find a “clam hole” (or what you think MIGHT be a clam hole)–start digging!  Somehow those little buggers can bury down in the sand pretty quick when they hear you coming.  Don’t forget to insert shovel approximately 6″ inches from the clam hole and dig directly down–towards the sea.  What happens if you don’t do it 100% correctly–you chop your clam in half and waste all of that energy.  Whoops!

We had a blast doing it!  All-in-all, we dug up 5.5 clams between the 3 of us.  At this rate, we will have enough clams for a pot of chowder by the year 2015.  Bon Ap!

Looking GOOOOD!

Apparently Daniel and I cannot leave our day jobs and become clam diggers. We will be poverty-stricken pretty quick!

If I didn't know better, I would swear they were professionals!


Bonus! We caught an Alaskan King Crab! OK, maybe just a crab...?

And today's catch of the day!

There are the beauties! Too bad they dumped over in the back of the pickup on our way home. Completely unusable! Sorry lil' guys!


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