Deadliest Catch: The newest greenhorns!


Guilty pleasure #1,032:  I LOVE to watch The Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel! 

Obviously, The Deadliest Catch (TDC for purposes on this blog) is filmed in a cold, wet, rough and tumble place…enter…ALASKA!  While in Homer, AK–we had to do as the Homerians do…visit the Time Bandit!  Captain Johnathan and Andy weren’t there to greet us but we didn’t miss a photo-op with the boat (obviously).  Bon Ap… 

Tourist...can you tell?


In case you didn't get it...we were CRABS in the CRAB POT!


Oh yes, there was a gift shop. Oh yes, I bought some goodies.

 Since Johnathan and Andy weren’t waiting for us on the ship, we figured we better head over to their local watering hole…Salty Dawg Saloon…and say hello there.  Bummer…there were only about 4 locals in the joint and NONE of them were celebrities.  Oh well, we still managed to enjoy ourselves!


Daniel with the locals...of course.



Time for brewskies!
Daniel opted for the local ale “Homer’s Spit”. I stuck with good ole Miller Lite. Judging from the fact that his beer was called “spit”, I think I made the better call!
M.I.L. and D.I.L.



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