Clicking Stix…


Never have I ever been afraid of bears while hiking in the woods…until I visited Alaska.  There is something a tidbit disconcerting about being in the middle of the wilderness and knowing that the grizzlies are just coming out of hibernation…hungry…that will make you shake in your hiking boots.  Probably 100 feet into the woods, Daniel and I were wishing we had brought the hand cannon (Jody and Rick’s big-assed gun specifically for a hungry bear encounter). 

What do the experts suggest?  Make lots of noise and let those nasty bears know that you are there, so Daniel and I returned to the RHS (Rogers High School) Band for the duration of our hike…only this time we were both drummers!  We are pretty sure the stix kept those grizzlies at a safe distance.  Whew…we made it out alive!  Bon Ap!

Looks like bear country to me!


Can't beat the view from bear country though...


Sitting duck...on bear beach!

This is all the evidence I need to prove that it is bear beach!

Only a bear would eat a fish that gnarley!

And the RHS drumline....!

Laugh if you must, but those sticks seriously worked...

When asked, “Between 1 and 10…how scared were you on the hike?”  Here’s how we answered:  Jody = 2.  Julie = 5.  Daniel = 8.  I guess you can tell who the resident Alaskan was?

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