Boston in 6 hours flat…


Thanks to our friends, Daniel and Kelly, we did not have to hang around the Boston airport for 6 hours on our way back to France (from AK).  Instead, we were given the V.I.P. tour of Boston in record time. 

First things first…we headed over to Daniel and Kelly’s home for the grand tour.  What an amazing place they have in Boston…and the view…perfection!  After a few brews and a bit of chatting on the rooftop, we headed out for the grand walking tour of the city.  We did our best to paint the town red in the few hours we had.  Whether we left it red, or just pink, we still got to see good friends, have good conversation, and eat some great Italian food.  Oh, and I got to love on their Pug, Molly (it is so hard going through dog withdrawals). 

I am so sorry it took a layover for us to get up there to see you two, but at least we made it before your big move back to AR!  Thanks for taking such good care of two weary travelers–we loved your city!  Oh, and we think you two are pretty neat too 😉

Welcome to the rooftop...

Not too shabby--eh?


Thanks Molly for being the hostess with the mostest!

 By the time we got to Boston, we must have been sick of taking photos because we left the camera at Daniel and Kelly’s.  Oooppss…bon ap!


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