Good times in Alaska…


Thank you so much-Jody and Rick-for being our personal tour guides in Alaska!  We had such a good time and fell in love with it while we were there.  Here are just a few photos that prove that we really “let the good times roll”….Bon Ap!

Yeeee Haw!

Something about these "cardboard cutout" photos that crack me up!

Bear Hug!


Our trusty stead for the week..."Freida the Ford"


Damsel in distress on the railroad tracks (straight out of a Western blockbuster if you ask me!)


I love the new 'do Rick!


He loved it so much...he bought it! It will look amazing on the Harley!

I don't know, Jody?....I think it might look better on you! Rick should buy you one in pink!

Last Alaskan adventure: flying in that itty bitty plane to Anchorage. Not gonna lie...I strongly considered walking!

I am here to blog about it, so things went OK. I only thought we were going to hit the dirt once!


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