2011 French Open (and now closed…)


We were lucky enough to get tickets to Roland Garros for the 2011 French Open.  We got to see the quarter finals on center court…and…it was all that and a bag of chips!  Here was the line-up and the who’s who that played that fateful day:  Maria Sharapova, Maria Petkovic, Victoria Azarenka, Na Li (winner), Gilles Simon (French Favorite), Robin Soderling, Ivan Ljubicic, and the quirky bird himself…Rafael Nadal (winner, winner…chicken dinner).

Once in a lifetime chance and it was just a perfect day!  Congrats Li and Nadal…I hope to grow up to be just like you one day!

Bon Ap!

This is BEFORE every single seat around us was full. The Frenchies do not love personal space for some reason?!

Kid in a candy shoppe...

Azarenka (pissed at the line judge!)

Sharapova. Let me tell you...she is an odd chick on the court...

And the woman who took it all! Na Li.

Robin Soderling (later lost to Nadal, but who doesn't!)?

And Mr. Rafael Nadal. I don't know if you've noticed, but he picks a wedgie before every single point. Here...he is demonstrating for you.

And last but not least...Daniel's favorite ball girl. She really gave it hell!


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