Interlaken, Switzerland (sans Julie)…


Guest blogger:  Daniel S. Barnett (just kidding…it is way too much pressure for him)

So, again we have a “while the cat’s away” situation on our hands.  This time while I headed to the U.S. to work, Daniel headed over to Interlaken, Switzerland to play.  Then, about 1 day into his trip he thinks it would be a good idea to call his wife and say, “Wow!  You would really like this place if you were here!  It is amazing”.  Meanwhile, back in Little Rock, Arkansas….I was thinking, “Jerk!”

DSB says that “Interlaken is probably the most gorgeous place on earth, natural beauty, blah, blah, blah.”  I think we can all see that in his photos.

Oh, a random little factoid for you all:  Interlaken is the extreme sports capital of the world.  So, if you are looking to jump off cliffs, climb up ice, or any other crazy activity…Interlaken is waiting for your call!

Bon Ap!

Boys out!

Switzerland is....THIIIIIIS big!

See? How big it is!

Bachelor D and DSB...

Some crazy person cruising through the skies with a parachute. Where is your helmet sir?

Why not? Random cow in nature = pet the cow.

Creepy Bachelor David here....

Bachelor David and Paul looking oh-so-ruff...

Here is Daniel. NOT missing Julie at all it appears!


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